Netwerk VSP Netwerk VSP

Netwerk VSP delivers unaddressed print advertising  throughout the Netherlands. With more than 22.000 leaflet deliverers we distribute more than six billion leaflets, magazines, mailings and catalogues each year. We carry out a great deal of research into consumer behaviour and know what affects consumers. 

Our innovative and carefully thought-out solutions ensure that your message goes beyond the letterbox, has an impact on consumers and stirs them to take action. Our many years of experience and the knowledge gained over that time all go to make us a reliable and trendsetting name in the mail and door to door communication sector. Netwerk VSP is a wholly owned subsidiary of TNT Post. 

This is Netwerk VSP


  • Over 22.000 leaflet deliverers
  • Distributing more than 6,4 billion leaflets, magazines and catalogues a year
  • Specialised in sealed delivery, spreading focussed on targetgroups ans online retail services
  • Authority in door to door delivery
  • 100% owned subsidiary of PostNL